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MrsLanieSpark is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is


level 17 (Loved Movie Star) and is known as The Most Creative




About Edit

MrsLanieSpark, known as Lane, Lauren, Lanie, or Moma Spark,

is known to be the most loyal person in the "Team Frenchy" family.

She is best known for being a part of the "Frenchies" making her a

" Team Frenchy Girl". Lanie makes funny outfits and is known to be

quite creative.

MrsLanieSpark began gaining fame after she showed kindness and

care by defending Team Frenchies. Lanie also gets treated with

kindness from her friends knowing that she cares for everyone on

her friend list. It didn't take long for her to level up, and she was

level 12 in about 3 months. Lanie quickly became close with the


users, MissPastel, @Lilliana, JerzeyJewels, and [ star ]. Lanie

tended to make a movie called "Sorry ~ by: Justin Bieber" by

expressing herself and her feelings.

Lanie was contestant and last winner in "DIY Cupcake Activity"

which was a activity by ItzJerz and 100%Random. Lanie contests

in every competition and activity by ItzJerz, but sadly she doesn't

win all of them. Soon after, she became a Team Frenchy Girl.

She's been added to be a leader with CallMeAimer.

Usual Appearance and Style Edit

Lanie has little darken skin color tone, "Bubblegum Lips", and brown

"Spot Light" eyes. She usually has a 'tomboy' style, but also makes

many adorable looks that describe her in her own way.

Trivia Edit

~ She tends to change her facial appearance randomly.

~ Her old account was LanieR2D2 (BackUp), which has

been sadly stolen by some random user on MovieStarPlanet.

~ She started MSP with one of her best friends, Christine.

Christine has been asking Lanie to delete Christine's

account because of bullies and because users steal

MrsLanieSpark's accounts.

~ She has 2 accounts at the moment, MrsLanieSpark and LanieSparklesisaGemstone.

~ Her birthday is September 26st.

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